Let’s Check Some Latest Portfolio

Tin Do hang hieu

E-commerce ecosystem that is integrated between website and app helps to optimize user experience, support sellers and buyers in uploading goods information, exchanging and paying.


Develop tool: Xcode/Swift/Java/Android Develop scope: Tracking location service for package on smart phone and tablet device, active on Google Maps. Partner: DHL, 3viewGroup (Singapore

MIMAX Trading

FULL TRADING MANAGEMENT Portfolio, Search any coins, Multi-favorites, Alarm & Notification ALL CRYPTO MARKET DISCOVER Crypto Currency News, Event, Training & Other

Logistic System

The ecosystem of software for third-party logistics service, with more than 15 sub-software such as WMS, TMS, OMP, HR Online Report,... integrated into a unified system.

Viso Vehicle

Intelligent management system for bus station: - Book tickets, arrange schedules - Accountant - Vehicle maintenance - Driver management


Website and app system that aim to create a high quality medical ecosystem, providing better health-care experience for both customers and medical staffs.

Tang Thu vien

Application to build a community for swordpay enthusiasts based on the original forum which has been active for mor than 10 years. This application not only brings good reading experiences but also works as a social network for user.

CamID Application

CamID is a super application serving more than 2 million customers of Viettel Group in the Cambodian market with convenient features for customers such as watching movies, chatting, buying cards, and loyal customers.

Topica LMS

Online class room of Topica

Photo Editor

Photo Editor is the first app in town that redefines your photo booth experience like never before. Replacing the traditional photo booth model, users are now able to snap, customize and print instantly from their mobile phones. Above that, it features an array of frames and props catered for any event, allowing users to easily customize their perfect print without the hassle to rush for props and wait in line. No more missing out on those pre dinner cocktails now! Photo Editor preserves a moment in history - for all events big,fat or skinny while everyone is having a fantastic time.

FPT TechDay

FPT TechDay is an application built only for annual technology event of FPT Corporation. Application provides features including: - Looking up event information about exhibition, speakers, agenda; - Scanning QR codes on boarding passes to check-in and QR codes onsite for demo booths' introduction photos/ videos. - Interacting directly, Q&A during conference, raising questions in realtime; - Downloading speakers' presentations;


ArScan is app using augmented reality technology(Vuforia). ArScan melds the boundary of visual and print media, bringing information to you quickly and seamlessly. We strive to bring print media to life. Using print media as trigger, the app unlocks the desired virtual content to users. Created with augmented reality technology, ArScan mobile application is an easily accessible platform that connects advertisers and customers looking for more.